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No Matter their size,
they have to be tiedTM
Please read below to discover a detailed description of an exciting part of the BalloonBuddyTM product line. 
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If you enjoy balloons as much as we do, we think you'll enjoy the
Balloon of the Month Club TM.  This singularly unique club treats its participants to a variety of balloons through-out the club year (12 months).  Each month, club members will be mailed a package of the featured holiday balloon of that month as well as a package of birthday balloons, as birthdays are always happening.  Upon enrollment, each new club member will be sent the following in their first package,  1 BalloonBuddyTM, 1 official BalloonBuddyTM exclusive T-shirt, 1 package of (15) birthday balloons per month for 12 months and 1 package of (15) of that months featured holiday balloons, also 1 per month for 12 months.  The club is great fun for yourself or makes a unique gift for any occasion that gives for an entire year.  Please click on the (order) link below to begin receiving or giving The Balloon of the Month ClubTM.
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